Welcome To Myrtle Creek Vineyards

Myrtle Creek Vineyards and winery is a family owned and operated facility built from a passion for producing quality hand crafted wines. Our vineyards are rooted in the decomposed granite of the rolling foothills of Fallbrook. The land has a long history of farming as citrus and avocado orchards, but as water became more scarce and expensive, a more sustainable crop was needed. Wine grapes became the ideal solution. Matt had the passion for wine and Bruce has always had farming in his blood. The first vines were planted by our founder Matt Sherman and his father Bruce in August of 2011 on the grounds of the old family orchards.

Meet Our Team

Matt Sherman
Matt ShermanOwner
Matt Sherman is the founder and winemaker here at Myrtle Creek Vineyards. He graduated Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Landscape Architecture and went to work in the family nursery after graduating in 1993. After working for 18 years in the horticulture industry, he was looking for a change and wine was the answer. His first wine was made in his garage in 2011 with the help of an experienced neighbor and other friends in the industry. The vintage was coined Syrage ….. Syrah made in the garage. We’ve come a long way since then, but the idea is the same. Crafting great wine with friends and family!
The Sherman Family
The Sherman FamilyWine Makers
Bruce – Matt’s father loves working out in the vineyards. He enjoys spending time pruning and tending to the vines. He’s also a great help at harvest and contributes time in the cellar as well.

Audrey – Behind every good man is a strong woman! Matt’s wife is a CPA and is great at making sure the business side of things are under control. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a crazy winemaker in check! Matt and Audrey met at Cal Poly when they were 20 years old and have been together ever since.

The Boys – Zane and Wade will do anything that involves driving the tractor. Zane enjoys picking, but Wade not so much! They both love helping their dad in the cellar and he loves to have them around. Who doesn’t like cheap labor?

The Rest of the Clan – Sisters, nieces, nephews…everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand around harvest.